Brh V97
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Letzte Aktualisierung:  10. August 2014


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SIMBAD Astronomical Database
Informationen über Brh V97

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I would like to send you observations of a new variable star (Brh V97),
which I have discovered in a systematic CCD-based search for new
In each observing run typically 400 images are taken of several survey
The frames are processed automatically.

CCD-camera: Starlight Xpress SX (unfiltered)
Telescope: Celestron-8 (20 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain)

New variable star:
new Brh V97 201917.6 +073028 (J2000) 11.4-11.8 (CCD) ?

Brh V97: 1074 1811
The comparison star is GSC 508 81 (11.2 mag),
which has been checked for constant brightness.
Brh V97 is likely a short period variable, type and period
still unknown. This corresponds to USNO A2.0: r= 11.7, b= 12.8

object YYMMDD(UT) mag (CCD) code
Brh V97 010627.0471 11.42 Brh.BAV
Brh V97 010704.0297 11.38 Brh.BAV
Brh V97 010705.0353 11.46 Brh.BAV
Brh V97 010706.0388 11.72 Brh.BAV
Brh V97 010710.0422 11.63 Brh.BAV
Brh V97 010715.0499 11.48 Brh.BAV
Brh V97 010718.0367 11.68 Brh.BAV
Brh V97 010722.0283 11.80 Brh.BAV
Brh V97 010729.0256 11.61 Brh.BAV
Brh V97 010731.0332 11.50 Brh.BAV


Klaus Bernhard