Brh V158
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Letzte Aktualisierung:  10. August 2014


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Simbad Astronomical Database
Datenbankinformationen über Brh V158 
(sobald verfügbar)

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I would like to send you observations of a new variable star (Brh V158), which I have discovered in a systematic CCD-based search for new variables.

CCD-camera: Starlight Xpress SX (unfiltered)
Telescope: Celestron-8 (20 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain)

New variable star:
new Brh V158 21 07 04.6 +24 45 41 11.6-12.0 (CCD unfiltered)

Brh V158: GSC 2177-10
The comparison stars are GSC 2177-525 (11.70 mag) and GSC 2177-783

The following observations and the Rotse data
suggest a variable with a lightcurve of an WUMa star and a period of 1.1515 (!) days

The Rotse data are available at:

object YYMMDD(UT) mag(CCD) code
Brh V158 040905.0073 11.56 Brh.BAV
Brh V158 040905.9861 11.67 Brh.BAV
Brh V158 040906.9345 11.89 Brh.BAV
Brh V158 040907.9417 11.59 Brh.BAV
Brh V158 040909.9938 11.78 Brh.BAV
Brh V158 040910.9563 11.87 Brh.BAV
Brh V158 040913.9338 11.97 Brh.BAV

Klaus Bernhard
Kafkaweg 5
A-4030 Linz