Brh V29
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Informationen über Brh V29

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Brh V29 =  GSC 1139: 11

Von: Klaus Bernhard []
Gesendet: 30. Oktober 1999 03:49

I would like to send you observations of a new variable star (Brh V29),
which I have discovered in a systematic CCD-based search for new variables.
In each observing run typically 400 images are taken of several survey fields.
The frames are processed automatically.

CCD-camera:Starlight Xpress SX (unfiltered)
Telescope: Celestron-8 (20 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain)

New variable star:
new Brh V29 220140.8 N103718 (J2000) 12.5 13.5(CCD)

Comparison star was for all measurements GSC 1139 1419 (11.8 mag),
which was checked to be constant.

Data analysis was made by Chris Lloyd, UK. His comment:
From the look of the data this may be a longer period

object YYMMDD(UT) mag (CCD) code
BeV29 990909.9416 12.58 BRH.BAV
BeV29 990910.9486 13.49 BRH.BAV
BeV29 990911.9403 12.51 BRH.BAV
BeV29 990912.9403 12.47 BRH.BAV
BeV29 990913.9326 12.54 BRH.BAV
BeV29 990914.9625 12.59 BRH.BAV
BeV29 990923.9055 12.46 BRH.BAV

BeV29 990924.9048 12.52 BRH.BAV
BeV29 990927.8993 12.53 BRH.BAV
BeV29 991001.9882 12.51 BRH.BAV

Klaus Bernhard