Brh V140
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Letzte Aktualisierung:  10. August 2014


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Simbad Astronomical Database
Datenbankinformationen über Brh V140 
(sobald verfügbar)

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I would like to send you observations of a new variable star
(Brh V140), which I have discovered in a systematic CCD-based
search for new variables. In each observing run typically 600 images are taken of several survey fields. The frames are processed automatically.

CCD-camera: Starlight Xpress SX (unfiltered)
Telescope: Celestron-8 (20 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain)

New variable star:
new Brh V140 07 34 17.8 -08 45 20.5 (J2000) 12.0-13.6 (V, ASAS3)

Brh V140: GSC 5397 1850

The comparison star is GSC 5397 2886 (11.78 mag),
which has been checked for constant brightness.

The following observations and the ASAS3 data suggest 
an EA-variable with a period of about 1.86 days.
The ASAS3 data are available at

object YYMMDD(UT) mag(CCD) code
Brh V140 031112.1472 11.92 Brh.BAV
Brh V140 031202.0896 11.30 Brh.BAV
Brh V140 031208.0736 11.42 Brh.BAV
Brh V140 031209.0667 11.41 Brh.BAV
Brh V140 031210.0778 11.95 Brh.BAV

Klaus Bernhard
Kafkaweg 5
A-4030 LINZ