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Chris Lloyd,  19. Juni 2003

By combining Bernhard's data of BeV134 with that from ASAS3 I think the
star is a convincing W UMa variable. The preliminary ephemeris is

JD_minI = 2452025.63 + 0.24207xE

The variable has a full amplitude of 0.6 mag which suggests that it is a
high-inclination system, although neither of the eclipses look total.

Cheers, Chris

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I would like to send you observations of a new variable star
(Brh V134), which I have discovered in a systematic CCD-based
search for new variables.
In each observing run typically 600 images are taken of several survey
fields. The frames are processed automatically.

CCD-camera: Starlight Xpress SX (unfiltered)
Telescope: Celestron-8 (20 cm Schmidt-Cassegrain)

New variable star:
new Brh V134 14 36 28.4 -05 36 21.5 (J2000) 12.6-13.1 (CCD)

Brh V134: GSC 4992 663
The comparison star is GSC 4992 800 (12.29 mag),
which has been checked for constant brightness.

John Greaves has kindly sent a comment:

There is data available here :-

The period appears to be quite short, and the object fairly red 
(somewhere between K5 and K9 using 2MASS J-Ks values).

USNO B1.0 gives a proper motion of -132 mas/y in RA, though only 10 
mas/y in dec, which is not inappreciable (-13.2 arcsecs per century). 
This may well mean it is not too distant, and therefore not 
intrinsically bright.

Though there is only one 'dip' in your data, the ostensible <1 day 
periodicity, its apparent regular repeatability from the ASAS3 
lightcurve, and the spectral class, suggest a fairly red EW star 
(extinction/reddening should not be a problem in Virgo).

object YYMMDD(UT) mag(CCD) code
Brh V134 030616.8583 12.67 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.8652 12.78 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.8722 12.69 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.8791 12.78 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.8861 12.90 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.8930 13.01 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.9000 12.93 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.9069 12.96 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.9138 13.10 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.9208 12.86 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.9277 12.81 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.9347 12.63 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.9416 12.64 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.9486 12.67 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.9625 12.66 Brh.BAV
Brh V134 030616.9694 12.66 Brh.BAV

Klaus Bernhard
Kafkaweg 5
A-4030 LINZ