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SIMBAD Astronomical Database
Informationen über Brh V131

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New variable star:
new Brh V131 072245.9 +170228 (J2000) 12.5-13.2 (CCD)

Brh V131: GSC 1351 383
The comparison star is GSC 1351 549 (12.5 mag),
which has been checked for constant brightness.

John Greaves comment:

Johnson B-V as derived from 0.556 * USNO B1.0 B1-R1 is +0.33 (+/- 
0.26), suggesting latest A to early F spectral type.
2MASS J-Ks is +0.15, which equates to F0V (ref: Skiff 
ftp://ftp.lowell.edu/pub/bas/starcats/uvby.calib , section IV)
It is uncertain as to whether this colour is equally applicable to 
F0III and F0I stars though.
The lightcurve suggests a short period variable, with colour and 
probable spectral type suggesting either delta Scutid, RR Lyrae or an 
EW (probably EW/KE) type star. The first is least likely given the 
amplitude of variation, probable period, and a position a little 
distant from the Galactic Plane, but not entirely precluded.

The object is unknown to GCVS, NSV, newvar.cat, SIMBAD, IR 
catalogues, X-ray catalogues, etc.

object YYMMDD(UT) mag(CCD) code
Brh V131 030319.8010 13.17 Brh.BAV
Brh V131 030319.8236 13.15 Brh.BAV
Brh V131 030319.8410 13.11 Brh.BAV
Brh V131 030319.8549 13.02 Brh.BAV
Brh V131 030319.8896 12.64 Brh.BAV
Brh V131 030319.9035 12.79 Brh.BAV
Brh V131 030319.9174 12.58 Brh.BAV
Brh V131 030319.9313 12.55 Brh.BAV
Brh V131 030319.9451 12.75 Brh.BAV
Brh V131 030319.9556 12.68 Brh.BAV
Brh V131 030319.9660 12.83 Brh.BAV
Brh V131 030319.9729 12.82 Brh.BAV

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