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Nachricht von Wolfgang Quester vom 15.12.2002

AL Ari: Es existieren keine Elemente steht im Circular. Also habe ich vor einigen Tagen Penelody beauftragt, das Feld AL Ari aufzunehmen. Während die Automatik lief, habe ich in SIMBAD nach AL Ari geschaut und siehe da, es gibt durchaus eine komplette Liku mit Elementen. Ganz unten findet man das Referat der entsprechenden Arbeit. Ich habe im Planetarium die Arbeit herausgesucht. Die Elemente lauten

Min I =  HJD 24 51112,80746 + 3,747462 * E

Min II liegt bei Phase 0,512. Da die Autoren wegen der bislang wenigen Minima zu weiterer Verfolgung aufrufen, werde ich mal draufhalten.
Vorhersagen nach obigen Elementen gibt es ab sofort im Ephemeridenteil.

2001A&A...374..980C - Astron. Astrophys., 374, 980-996 (2001) - August(II) 2001
Absolute dimensions of solar-type eclipsing binaries. I. uvby light curves for HS Aqr, KX Aqr, AL Ari, V963 Cen, MR Del, NY Hya, DU Leo, UW LMi, and V358 Pup.
Abstract (from CDS <>): We present complete uvby light curves of 9 recently discovered eclipsing binaries having late F, G, and K type components within or near the main-sequence band. They are the first results from a long term program carried out since 1994 at the Stroemgren Automatic Telescope at ESO, La Silla. The aim is to provide the accurate absolute dimensions for solar-type stars needed for critical tests of the corresponding theoretical models. A serious dilemma appears to be present in the comparison of predictions from current stellar models with fundamental properties of known 0.7-1.1M{sun} eclipsing binaries (Popper, 1997AJ....114.1195P <>, Clausen et al., 1999, ASP Conf. Ser., 173, 265). Spectroscopic observations of the 9 eclipsing binaries are either available or are being obtained, and detailed analyses of the individual systems will be published in a series of subsequent papers. The light curves were obtained as part of a systematic search for new eclipsing systems among a large sample of (mostly) spectroscopic binaries. Catalogues of the extensive uvby and {beta} photometry from this search will be published separately.

Wolfgang Quester

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